Overwhelmed isn't the word, and busy is an excuse... "Aren't we all?" ("truthbomb") for why my sad lookin' little blog here is so baren and looks abandoned. Nope it's not, I'm just trying to figure out the hypertension that sometimes takes over our days, and the 4 year old that has built himself a reputation already for being, well, I couldn't even put THAT into words. But I won't talk too much about it because that's a blog post for another day. This will be a quick post anyway. we've been in Google play console hell for the past 2 months and have 5 apps there that need constant work, and I'm a too swamped, and still needing to create like 10-15 more apps by the end of 2018.


But one of those apps is for specificvoices.com our wellness website, among all our others. And with all that's running through our lives right now, it's necessary. Me and Kyle have our Trisomy 21 (down syndrome) baby Revin

And we have a lot of important items to narrow down to, as well as serve my innate calling for a wellness sector of the network. So I started a group a few days ago and need to get members to it, as a support system, mutually beneficial to all, knowing critically without a doubt that it can be so useful to many as a peer to peer patient to patient network, but knowing it's no substitute for health care in some regards, and knowing it can't help everyone all the time, but it can be a great place for whatever level of support that can be found there. Let's hope and pray, pretty much. So this is the link for that, and we will put a link in the sidebar also for easy access

Here's the link Wellness Gears by SpecificVoices.com

Have a look at it and hopefully it helps. Anyways we'll see you then!!!